for Education

Gone are the days of unlimited supplies donated by families and businesses. As educational
expenses go up, the need for additional funding does, too. What I need for
understands that in order for schools to provide the best educational experience for all students
they need to receive extra resources, and the Savings Program is designed to help.

SAVEfor education

The What I need for network makes it possible to receive special savings for an entire year by purchasing the $25 Savings Program to support education. In addition to Standard Savings Offers, individuals continually receive new Daily Savings Offers and Weekly Savings Offers from businesses available only through our network–accessible on computers, tablets, and our mobile app.


Tell your students, parents, faculty, and community members about What I need for

For every Savings Program purchased using a referral code from your school community:

  • Someone saves
  • Someone earns
  • Your school earns

“I signed 17 people up by going door-to-door my first day and 49 people my first week.”

-Trenton, age 10

PROMOTEto earn

Your school can earn double. Promote What I need for to local businesses. When a business registers using your referral code and pays to advertise, you earn double.

SHAREthe wisdom

No matter how you choose to communicate the exciting news about What I need for we have the tools you need to make it easy. Just pick your favorite way to share, and we are ready to help. Your network of referrals is just a click, post, tweet, print, call or step away.