Join the Education

What I need for is committed to bolstering education at all levels. First, as a funding solution for education and a means by which all who champion education work TOGETHER; second to provide opportunity for those who desire to excel.

Specifically, to complement your earning money through referrals, you, as a student, may apply to the Internship Program. Students selected to become part of our SOLUTION TEAM will gain valuable skills, experience, and confidence in your field of interest. The Internship Program offers unpaid and paid internships designed to fit around your student schedule while working closely with What I need for team members.

Real world experience like communicating in a business setting, added responsibility, and the ability to work with a team are major factors when employers look to hire students. An internship will make you a more attractive candidate to prospective employers, and What I need for will be hiring directly from the Internship Program.

To learn more about an Internship Program or to apply, simply register for FREE to get started.