for Education

Every business is a vital member of a school community. By partnering with schools,
everyone’s combined efforts will have a positive impact on education for all students
at all levels. What I need for is the platform that will facilitate this partnership
between businesses, students, parents, educators, and schools to CHAMPION education
now and into the future.

CHAMPIONeducation for free

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Offers can be created anytime, as often as you like–quickly and easily. The options are limitless. Plus, every extra offer created shows increased support for education in your community.

* Paid Savings Offer options

“It feels good to advertise and gain more customers while supporting students, their families, and the schools in the community.”

-Jason, Business Owner


Promote What I need for to your customers. When they purchase the Savings Program using your referral code, your business earns $8 and raises $8 for the school of your choice.

When you show increased support for education in your community, your community will support you and your business.

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