A funding solution for education

Students need help more than ever to afford the education they deserve...but they also need to be empowered. What I need for school.com brings everyone together, working for the same goals…to raise money for education with the added perk of saving money in the process.


Receive special savings for the entire year by purchasing our $25 Savings Program to support education. In addition to Standard Savings Offers, you will continually receive new Daily Savings Offers and Weekly Savings Offers from businesses available only through our network–accessible on computers, tablets, and our mobile app.

"I can’t believe how much money I have saved using the program. Especially knowing that just by purchasing the savings program my daughter earned money for college, basically saving me even more money.

-Tracy, mom of high school grad


It works the same for EVERYONE!

  • You register for FREE and receive a personal referral code.
  • Refer Savings Program and have friends, family, and neighbors purchase using your referral code.
  • YOU EARN $8, and your school of choice earns $8.

“As a single mother of three, this program has made the burden of school fees, school clothes, and supplies easier to manage.”


PROMOTEto earn

Promote What I need for school.com to local businesses. When they register using your referral code, you earn $8 for every $25 Daily Savings Offer or $25 Weekly Savings Offer they purchase.

“I went door-to-door with my son, which allowed me to spend quality time with him while teaching him the value of working hard for the things he needs.”


SHAREthe wisdom

No matter how you choose to communicate the exciting news about What I need for school.com we have the tools you need to make it easy. Just pick your favorite way to share, and we are ready to help. Your network of referrals is just a click, post, tweet, print, call or step away.